HSCTF 2017 Rules


High school - A secondary educational institution that comprises of grades 9 through 12.
High school ages - 13 to 19 years of age.
Judges - Executive committee for the NULLify Computer Security Group.



(1) - This does not apply to home-schooled individuals that meet all other rules.
(2) - The judges wish to stress that this competition is for students not for sponsoring faculty members. We will enforce this rule in a very strict manner. In the event that this rule is broken, the judges reserve the right to disqualify any team at any time.
(3) - Proper assistance takes the form of answering technical questions, providing moral support, and assisting in preparation prior to the competition. Improper assistance takes the form of a faculty sponsor answering challenges for their students, creating scripts or programs to aid in the answering of challenges, and/or interfering with another team or teams sponsor.



Any violation of these rules may disqualify a team from the competition or make a team ineligible for prizes. NULLify reserves the right to modify these rules at any time without notice.